What makes Smart Cut
      diamonds so unique?

  • You get a bigger look for less money.
  • Impressive WOW! Factor. That amazed look on her face, when you present her with a Smart Cut™ diamond, is the reaction you were hoping for.
  • Carat is a weight, not a size.
  • Smart Cut™ diamonds have a larger dimension than a regular diamond of the same weight, so they maximize their size. Why hide as much as 60% of the diamond weight below the prongs, where no one will see it?
  • Smart Cut™ diamonds showcase the face-up surface area – that part of the diamond that everyone sees.
  • Makes perfect dollars & sense.
Selection Process:
  • Chosen for best scintillation across the larger diamond surface area.
  • Works for any budget in all size ranges.
  • You won’t pay the 20-30% “premium” for the oversized diamond.
  • Not every piece of rough can be cut into a Smart Cut™.
  • It takes a trained and talented cutter to be able to look at the rough and maximize the largest viewing surface area.

Smart CutTM

Visible vs. Not Visible

The Difference is in the Dimensions.
Diamond Comparison

Smart Cut™ diamonds have up to a 25% larger visible surface area over regular diamonds of similar carat weight.

Smart CutTM
A Larger Looking Diamond

Smart Cut™ diamonds are bigger! With a regular diamond, a huge percentage of the stone (pavilion) is hidden below the setting, making it not visible.

Why would you want as much as 60% of your diamond hidden from view?

Smart Cut™ diamonds deliver a larger face-up surface area, which allows for a much larger visible, visual impact.



With a Smart Cut™ Diamond you get a bigger looking diamond that makes the most of its weight. A Smart Cut™ can increase the overall look by as much as 25% over an average diamond of the same weight. In practical terms, Smart Cut™ gives you more buying flexibility.

Choose any carat weight and your Smart Cut™ diamond, when placed side-by-side with a regular diamond, will look larger than expected.


Because of their unique qualities, only a limited number of Smart Cut™ diamonds are available in the market.

We hand select each diamond for size and the clean center that qualifies it as “Signature Clarity Plus.”

Just 5% – 10% of all diamonds in the world make the cut.


Smart Cut™ is available in all diamond shapes, colors, clarities, and carat weights. No matter the size you choose, they exhibit the same twinkle, brilliance, and fire that make diamonds so precious and popular.

Smart Cut™ diamonds are  Bigger

  • When compared side-by-side, Smart Cut™ looks as much as 25% larger than a regular diamond of the same carat weight.
  • The most prestigious diamond grading labs in the U.S. certify Smart Cut™ diamonds.
  • Why would you want as much as 60% of your diamond hidden from view? Smart Cut™ diamonds deliver a larger face-up surface area, which allows for a much larger visible, visual impact.

Size sets us apart.

Why buy a smaller diamond when you can have a bigger diamond for the same price?

After All,

What woman ever asked for a small diamond?

Bigger Studs are Better

The value of a Smart Cut™ diamond lies in its maximized visual surface area giving you a bigger looking diamond for the same price as a smaller looking diamond.


Experience Matters

We choose our Smart Cut™ retail partners very carefully.
We only want knowledgeable professionals with diamond and jewelry expertise. Jewelry professionals who will provide you with a unique, private showing experience.

Don’t wait!

Schedule your appointment to see a Smart Cut™ diamond today.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

With Lifetime Trade Up, Guaranteed

When you purchase a Smart Cut™ diamond, you are assured it will maintain its value toward the purchase of a larger Smart Cut™ diamond in the future.

Our Promise A Smart Cut™ diamond will take her breath away!

Smart Cut™ will deliver you the biggest, most beautiful looking diamond, free from inclusions in the most visible areas of the stone, at a price within your budget.

We are advocates for our customers, striving to impart enough knowledge and expertise for them on a purchase that is very complex. We do this in an atmosphere with no pressure, and no judgement, while we advise our customers to get the very best and largest diamond they can get while maintaining their budget expectations.

We encourage you to discover more about Smart Cut™ diamonds by clicking through all the pages of this website. We are confident that you will truly see what makes a Smart Cut™ diamond different.